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New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steak

Per Pound of New York Strip Steak, plus shipping and box charge if not with a lamb order


    The price listed is per pound. We are selling the meat by the unit, so you will be billed for the difference.  For example, if you order one brisket, you are getting about 10 pounds of meat which means we will send an invoice for the difference, 

  • Shipping Fees


    If you buy a whole lamb, your shipping cost is $125. 

    If you buy a half lamb your shipping cost is $70.

    If you buy a quarter lamb shipping is $40.



    If you buy other products without the purchase of a whole, half or quarter lamb. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING COST and the $15 box fee. If you live in NM or surrounding states and you buy 15 pounds or more your shipping is FREE.

1 Pound