Discount Products​

10% discount on all Sausage and Kabob orders that are placed before Midnight on Dec. 31, 2020.


All January 2021 orders on Whole Lamb and Half Lamb

before Midnight Dec. 31, 2020 will get 2020 prices. 

Midnight Dec 31st 2020 prices will go up. 


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    Whole Lamb

    With this option you will receive two legs of lamb, two whole ribs, and the rest cut into chops. You have the option to have the legs cut into chops and to keep the Liver and Caulfat (lewer en netvet) for an additional small fee.

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    Half Lamb

    When you order a half lamb you will receive one leg of Lamb (with the option of having it cut into chops), one whole rib, for the Braai, and the rest will be cut into Chops. If you would like the Neck, Liver and Caulfat there will be an additional fee.

Now taking orders for late January butchering. Order today to reserve your

end of January Lamb!

Lamb Kebabs​

Available as an add on to our whole and half lamb orders.

We specialize in South African  style cuts of lamb! 

Love your braai meat or love a South African?

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