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Shipping Information

Finding cost-effective shipping options for our frozen Lamb Packs has proven to be one of the biggest challenges. As a family ranch and not a large corporation, we have to use regular retail rates.

If you live within the three to four day area, the whole lamb shipping is $90 dollars and half lamb is $50 and a quarter lamb is $35. If you live beyond the three to four day shipping area, contact us for a shipping quote.

**There is a $15 box charge for quarter, half and whole lamb as well as the extras.


For the most part, we use UPS Ground, arriving at your home within 2 to 3 days. Shipments further away go with either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, arriving in 3 – 4 days.

We attempt to ship on Mondays to prevent the meat from getting stuck in a warehouse on weekends.


Please check with us before placing your order during the hottest months of the year; If it’s more than 2 days in transit, we may suggest that we wait to ship until weather is cooler.


Important: Please ensure that someone is available to receive the box when it is delivered and place the frozen lamb packages in your freezer immediately upon arrival. We guarantee the meat to arrive frozen (occasionally, some thawing of the outer edges may be present). If the box is left outside when delivered, or if shipping address is incorrect, we cannot be responsible for any damage to the meat.


Below is a UPS Ground shipping Map that may give you an idea of your distance from us in terms of time in transit.

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