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Important Info

We only butcher and ship once per month. Please look for the next butcher date on our homepage, we usually ship seven days later.


If you buy 15 pounds or more shipping is generally cheaper per pound.


Here is how the shipping works.

  • If you buy a whole lamb, shipping is $90 unless you live in NM, TX, OK, AZ, or CO. If you add meat to this order and we can fit it into your box, the additional meat ships free. If it is too much we will bill you for shipping in the bigger or additional box.

  • Half lamb shipping is $50, with the same rules as a Whole.

  • Quarter lamb shipping is $35, with the same rules as Whole lamb. 


We are not a store and do not keep inventory on hand. We custom butcher for you and make the other products as they are ordered so please be patient. If you buy things separate from a Whole, Half or Quarter lamb, make sure to buy in bigger quantities, it helps a lot with the shipping cost for you, the customer.

If you need a shipping quote, send me an e-mail with what you want before you order and I can get you a quote for shipping. We do not upcharge on the shipping or the shipping boxes. We just send the direct cost on to the customer. 

2024 Butcher Dates

May 13th

June 3rd

June 10th

July 1st

August 5th

September 9th

October 7th

November 4th

December 2nd

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