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How It Works

Night Sky Lamb

We require a security deposit when you place your order.


When your meat is ready – we will let you know how many pounds of meat you will receive, and send you an invoice for the balance. Many of our customers get together with friends or family to split a whole or half lamb for cost savings.


What it Costs

With us you pay only for the total weight of meat you actually receive. Current prices, all inclusive, are  $11.99/lb for a side (half lamb) order and $11.99/lb for a whole lamb order. The amount of meat you will receive will depend on the size of your lamb. A good estimate would be that for a whole lamb order you would get anywhere from 50-70  lb of meat, on a half lamb order from 25-30 lb.


Delivery Information

Free delivery is available if you live within the two day delivery area on the UPS Ground map. If you live in the three to four day area, the whole lamb shipping is $75 dollars and half lamb is $45. If you live beyond the three to four day shipping area, contact us for a shipping quote.

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