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Quarter Lamb Deposit

Quarter Lamb Deposit

Sells for $12.99 per pound. Quarter lamb average weight: 12 lb

* A $15 box fee will also be charged.


After ordering, you will be charged the down payment of $60 plus a $15 box fee.  An invoice for the balance due will be sent to you prior to delivery or pick up of your meat.


Total of 10-15 pounds of Lamb.  $60.00 deposit.

1 pound of neck chops (if available)

1/2 skirt

1 pound shoulder chops

1 pound shank chops

1/2 of a whole rib

1/2 Leg (whole, chops, stew)

Rib and loin chops approx 4 pounds

Box fee $15.00 

Shipping will be $35.00

*Please Note: The meat will be leaner in winter because of the season.


    Delivery Info:

    For the delivery, it is imperative that we have an up-to-date phone number, in order to reach you when your frozen lamb delivery is ready.

    Please ensure that someone is available to receive the box when it is delivered. Place the frozen lamb packages in your freezer immediately upon arrival. We guarantee the meat to arrive frozen (occasionally, some thawing of the outer edges may be present). If the box is left outside when delivered, or if shipping address is incorrect, we cannot be responsible for any damage to the meat.

    Balance Due:

    We will send you an invoice for the balance on your lamb order when the butcher tells us exactly how much meat you will receive. This invoice has to be paid promptly and before delivery.

    If you prefer to pay your deposit with a check, please mail it when submitting the order form. We cannot hold orders without a deposit check for more than a week. Thank you for your understanding.


    Please be sure to white-list our email address "" so any future correspondence does not accidentally get caught in your junk or spam catcher!

  • Shipping Fees


    If you buy a whole lamb, your shipping cost is $90. 

    If you buy a half lamb your shipping cost is $50.

    If you buy a quarter lamb shipping is $35.



    If you buy other products without the purchase of a whole, half or quarter lamb. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING COST and the $15 box fee. If you live in NM or surrounding states and you buy 15 pounds or more your shipping is FREE.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Once Per Month
Subscribe & Save 15%
$51.00every month until canceled
Every 2 Months
Subscribe & Save 10%
$54.00every 2 months until canceled
Every 4 Months
Subscribe & Save 8%
$55.20every 4 months until canceled
Every 6 Months
Subscribe & Save 5%
$57.00every 6 months until canceled
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