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Welcome To Night Sky Ranch

We sell all natural, grass fed Dorper lamb raised on our ranch in New Mexico. No Hormones, No Antibiotics. Just good New Mexico grass and sunshine like nature intended. We strive to give the best quality for the lowest cost directly from our family ranch to your table.   

FREE SHIPPING to the following states with a purchase of 15 pounds or more... Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Kansas and Arkansas 

Butcher Date

July 1

Lamb Meat


What People Are Saying

"We were looking for lamb meat that would be cut up the way we had it in South Africa. A big plus for us is the fact that it is grass fed, raised in the US and that the fat has not been cut off! We placed our first order with a "let's try this" attitude All our expectations were met, and then some. From the ordering process up to delivery went great. The meat was packed and labeled in such a way that I was able to take it from the box and put it in the freezer. The taste was even better than we have imagined. I did not give any instructions of how it needed to be cut or packed - it was as if Night Sky Lamb just instinctively knew how we liked it! I am now a customer for life and am passing on the information to all my American friends who are lovers of lamb too! Thank you, we are more than pleased with this service and product and ready to place our next order."

- Anita :)

We specialize in South African  style cuts of lamb! 

Love your braai meat or love a South African?

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